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  • From Caracas to Koblenz: “There’s always a way and a how”

    Alejandro Carrizo’s experience report Alejandro Carrizo is 40-years-old. He was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and was raised both in Irvine-California, USA – until he was five years of age – and Caracas. Alejandro is a physical therapist and through competitive swimming had the opportunity to visit many countries in Central and South America. But this […]

  • Bilingualism benefits the ageing brain

    As we get older, simple skills such as making a cup of tea or reading a book – our cognitive abilities – start to deteriorate. For some people this happens more rapidly and severely than others and can lead to dementia; a condition that affects around 36 million people worldwide. A common way to increase […]

  • Strange Pronunciations Helped Language Evolve

    by Steven Blum I sometimes mispronounce words on purpose just for my own amusement. I often wish I was funny enough to rack up millions of hits on YouTube just by pronouncing things in a ridiculous fashion. But according to a very serious report the Daily Mail, it is a very shameful thing to not […]

  • British Council Explores Shakespeare’s Enduring Legacy

    How does Shakespeare continue to shape the conventions of theatre? And what has been lost in the modernisation of his work? The British Council sought to answer these and more questions with their Shakespeare Literature Series held at Bertelsmann in the heart of Berlin in March. The series brought together UK authors Naomi Alderman, A […]