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  • The Limitless Potential of Big Data and Linguistics

    Next time you receive a perfectly cheeky answer from Siri after asking her if she loves you, you might want to consider sending a thank you card to Max Liberman, professor of linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania. Liberman is on a quest to make linguistic data more accessible to the public, which could help […]

  • Identifying the Elusive Syllable

    Unless you’re a rap artist or poet, chances are you don’t pay much attention to the “invisible pulses” that form the foundation of your sentences. But the truth is that our speech is made up not so much of words as sounds, grouped together acoustically by syllables. Although syllables are vital to the construction of […]

  • Strange Pronunciations Helped Language Evolve

    by Steven Blum I sometimes mispronounce words on purpose just for my own amusement. I often wish I was funny enough to rack up millions of hits on YouTube just by pronouncing things in a ridiculous fashion. But according to a very serious report the Daily Mail, it is a very shameful thing to not […]

  • The UK’s Language Teaching Crisis

    According to recent estimates more than 40% of language departments at UK universities will close down in the next 10 years, with the University of West of England, Staffordshire and Bolton Universities already having closed theirs. The revelation, recently printed in The Guardian, that the number of universities in the UK that offer a degree […]