" European Multilingual Blogging Day 2012 "

  • Video: the new language of learning

    ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN 2012 sees the launch of VIDEO EDUCA, a brand new series of sessions dedicated to making video work for learning. One of the most powerful forms of communication in use today, video is rapidly becoming the new language of learning. The medium of video, whether it is used in distance learning, to […]

  • Africa’s learning landscape: the influence of tradition, change and innovation

    With an estimated 10 African countries featuring among the world’s fastest growing economies, Africa’s status in the global economic landscape is set to change dramatically. Indeed, innovative new technologies combined with a pioneering spirit to improve lives are already changing the way Africans learn, work, play, think and imagine. But are the changes to education […]

  • From iPads to robots – current technology in the classroom

    “What technology does modern teaching need?” is the question at the core of the 4th School Forum. No longer can innovative technology be dismissed from lessons. What started with videos and podcasts, blogs and wikis, SMARTboards and laptop usage now extends to eBooks and tablet projects – even robots are making their way into the […]

  • Targeted Language Learning: Chinese for Europeans

    Robert Williams, principal lecturer in the Department of Modern and Applied Languages at the University of Westminster in London, has visited China on a number of occasions. Due to his professional and personal experiences in China, he has a thorough cultural insight into the project “Chinese for Europeans”. As the President of the ICC International […]

  • Multilingual Blogging Day!

    Today is Multilingual Blogging Day! As part of the European Internet Week, the European Commission Representation in the UK is encouraging people to blog in a different language for a day to highlight the multilingual aspect of the web: Today, the SprachenNetz will be published in English. Enjoy!

  • News by our media partner NISI MASA

    GENERATOR: youth audiovisual forum, hosted by NISI MASA and its member associations, will take place during 3 days in Strasbourg, France (January 25 – 27, 2013), bringing together 120 young people (from at least 19 different partner countries) and youth leaders with experts and decision makers. The forum will debate on how young people can have access to European […]

  • Understanding It All: Improving the Standard of Subtitling

    “Imagine watching an emergency like the Black Saturday bushfires or the Queensland floods on a television news program – seeing the SES and Government spokespersons telling everyone how to protect themselves and their families – with none or jumbled subtitles. No way to know what they are saying, how to stay safe or where to […]

  • The Rise of the MOOC: The Future of Higher Education?

    Higher education is a sector that has thus far embraced – but arguably has not been fundamentally altered by – the growth of the Internet. This has been rapidly changing over the last few years with the rise of MOOCs, or Massive Open Online Courses; a way of learning that lets students participate on their […]

  • Working Together: Multilingualism & Europe

    “Multilingualism is one of the cornerstones of Europe and at the same time one of the last true barriers between people. Language ties people together in their families and helps to define their identity and community. These are only a few reasons to keep the cultural heritage of multilingualism alive. A problem that is definitely […]

  • Language Strategies in International Businesses

    Dr Jane Kassis Henderson is an Associate Professor of English and International Business Communication at ESCP Europe’s Paris campus. Her current research findings show that it is the awareness and use of diverse strategies when communicating across languages that enables teams to work effectively. In order to examine the role played by language in facilitating […]