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  • Is French really the Language of the Future?

    by Steven Blum According to a study by the investment bank Natixis, French will become “the world’s most spoken language” by 2050. Given the doom and gloom typically accompanying stories about France’s waning influence in the world, it’s no surprise that this bit of counter-intuitive fortune telling has proved tantalizing to journalists. “The [French] language […]

  • Are German Words Enjoying a Renaissance in America?

    Psychology Today uses über as a preposition to signify greatness in headlines like “How to be Über-Successful in Your Love Life & Career.” Meanwhile, Americans who travel abroad in their early twenties are said to have “wanderlust,” and pop artists are said to have captured the current “zeitgeist.” Heidi Klum’s ice-cold “Auf Wiedersehen” is directed […]