Synchronised from the original, with subtitles? – Languages and audio visual media

In the last few years, access to audio visual media has become faster and more diverse. This is especially visible in movies and TV series. Users decide on the form in which they access the content and when; they demand multilingual versions, flexibility, and availability as soon as possible. Technical advances such as streaming, internet media libraries, video portals and storage media like DVD and Blu-Ray allow constant access to content. Additionally, social media have created a platform for fans who translate their favourite films themselves (crowdsourcing), thus putting pressure on the professional translation sector.


Languages and The Media

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The eleventh Languages & the Media conference, being held in Berlin from 2 – 4 November, 2016, will address the entire range of topics related to language transfer in audio visual media. The event is an important meeting point for decision makers in the audio visual translation field.


Languages & The Media will be accompanied by an exhibition where producers, providers, and manufacturers of translation technology, subtitling systems, mobile devices, and other means of communication.

Languages & The Media

11th International Conference on Language Transfer in Audiovisual Media

2 – 4 November 2016, Hotel Radisson Blu, Berlin