Languages & Business Forum: in conversation with Ian McMaster and Timothy Phillips

lb-logoThe Languages & Business Forum promises to be one of the most original events taking place in connection with ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN 2013. Its facilitators, Tim Phillips and Ian McMaster, have thrown ordinary conference formats to the four winds, and come up with a programme that promises to be provocative, engaging, stimulating and diverse. With an emphasis on interactivity, participants are sure to get as much out of this event as they put in.

To find out more about this inventive event, and for a sneak preview of some of the themes of the Languages & Business Forum, the News Service got Ian and Tim together for a frank discussion of languages in the world of work – taking in the problems faced by businesses, the role of universities, the place of English in international communication and the opportunities and challenges presented by online learning.

Listen to the discussion with Ian McMaster and Timothy Phillips!