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  • Funtranslation: “Lost in translation”

    Language learners pass many milestones: the first café conversation, reading your first novel, being able to discuss bottling-plant manufacturing specifications with a civil engineer from Omsk. None, however, quite matches the sheer pleasure of having just told your first joke. I recently told my very first joke in Arabic. Without boring you with all the […]

  • Languages & The Media 2016: Call for Proposals

    The new mediascape is cross-platform, on-demand and multilingual Languages & The Media Conference in Berlin this November Berlin, Germany. Across all sectors, personalised, on-demand service is no longer a luxury, but an expectation. When consuming media, users are looking for accessible, quality content across all platforms, at all times, in all languages. For the audiovisual […]

  • Smart Technologies, Smart Translations: Languages & The Media Call for Proposals is now open!

    New technologies are facilitating the creation and dissemination of new forms of content. In a world where multilingualism is becoming the norm, these changes raise new challenges on media producers, distributors, consumers and translators. Simultaneously, advances in ICT continually bring innovative translation tools and services to the market. As the flow of content increases, so […]