" Business English "

  • Improving your English with TED Talks

    Most of the clients I work with need to use English in their professional lives, but often don’t have the chance to practice, or the time to sit through boring, irrelevant lessons. They may have an international conference call once every few months or need to speak at a meeting, but don’t feel confident enough […]

  • Wirtschaftsenglisch: THE ART OF SMALL TALK

    German-speakers often feel that they have more problems with the softer, social side of using English at work than with goal-orientated aspects of business, such as giving presentations, meetings or negotiating. In particular, making small talk with business partners can cause difficulties. A few simple tips can help. Make, don’t have! Semantics first. In English, […]

  • How deutsch are you?

    Wer in der Wirtschaft überzeugen will, braucht auf dem internationalen Parkett häufig Business Englisch. Studenten machen sich bereits während des Studiums fit. Für sie und alle anderen Sprachenlernenden ist unser Linktipp des Monats Mai gedacht. Im Quiz „How deutsch are you?“ wird eine Frage mit drei möglichen Antworten gestellt, von denen eine richtig ist. Die […]